Sarmad Fareed

CTO-Chief Technology officer

Sarmad Fareed is a highly accomplished Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Tenhawks Solutions, a leading digital marketing agency that delivers innovative solutions to clients. With an extensive background in technology, Sarmad brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role. He is responsible for overseeing the agency’s technological direction, ensuring that it aligns with the needs of clients and keeps pace with the latest industry trends. Sarmad has a proven track record of developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions, including complex web applications, e-commerce platforms, and mobile apps. He is a problem solver at heart, with a keen ability to identify challenges and devise solutions that meet business needs. As a leader on the Tenhawks Solutions team, Sarmad is committed to providing exceptional service, fostering a culture of innovation, and delivering outstanding results for clients.

Digital Marketing

Graphic Design

Web Development